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The Beyond the Bell Office of Outdoor and Environmental Education is committed to providing “once in a lifetime” authentic and meaningful, hands-on active learning experiences.  We believe that learning is strengthened through different exposures – seeing, hearing, touching, doing and actively engaging with peers, resulting in a multi-dimensional approach to learning to provide a deeper understanding of real world practices and scenarios. We facilitate activities that create an emotional investment in personal and team success. Our programs allow students to be physically active, innate curiosity, encourages discovery, and project based. 

Environmental Education

Our Mission

Provide outdoor environmental science and human relations programs that allow for the discovery, growth, and stewardship of Earth’s natural resources.

Discovery Platforms

Provide students the opportunity to approach real world challenges by applying the Scientific Inquiry and Engineering Design Processes. Human Relations curriculum facilitates a culture of inclusion and risk taking, necessary for process based active learning and collaborative groups.

“Giving Kids a Shot That Can’t be Blocked”


Adventurers Wanted! Become part of the crew of Los Angeles’ Official Tall Ships, the Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson. Start the morning with a cool dockside activity that helps you get ready for the afternoon sail. (We spotted a baby gray whale last week!) Sea lions, dolphins and great blue herons abound in our local waters. Come explore the least explored wilderness on our planet…the ocean. Attend one day or all four days (you’ll get one day free).