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Classifying Objects Using Properties- 2n

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 2-PS1-1

Students will understand that all five senses can be used to make observations and will practice using multiple senses in an observation activity. Students will learn that different objects have similar properties that can be used for classification.

Weathering and Erosion_Page_01.png

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 2-ESS1-1

Students will learn how Earth changes through erosion and weathering while describing what forces and actions cause such change to occur.

Updated_ Crystal K- Amazing Ant Lesson 0

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 3-LS2-1

Students will gather evidence that ants work together to ensure survival of the colony through investigation and observation of ant behavior. Students will record and explain their observations.

Animal Habitats_Page_01.png

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 3-LS4-3

Students will examine a variety of habitats and what makes these places different and unique. (Pt. 1 of 2)

Animals and Adaptations_Page_01.png

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 3-LS4-3

In this lesson we discuss several animals and the environments they live in. The student is asked to consider what the animal would need to survive in their habitats while learning what an adaptation is. (Pt. 2 of 2)

Students will explore how the sun warms the earth through visuals, videos and experimentation.

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: K-PS3-1; K-PS3-2

Sun Lesson (Grade K-2)_Page_01.png

Students will gain an introductory understanding of observable properties of matter and use this to plan and conduct an investigation to describe and classify different kinds of material.

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 2-PS1-1

Properties of Matter_Page_01.png

Students will understand the difference between magma and lava. Students will gain a basic understanding of what volcanoes are and the two ways that volcanoes erupt.

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 2-ESS1-1


Students will gain an introductory understanding of biodiversity. Students will conduct investigations to compare and contrast biodiversity in select habitats.

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 2-LS4-1

South Coast Cactus_Page_01.png

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 3-LS4-3

Using South Coast Botanic Garden’s Cactus Garden as a point of reference, students will gain an introductory understanding of the desert habitat and succulent adaptations. Students will construct an argument using evidence that some plants are adapted better for desert habitats than others.

Using the greenhouse at South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes as a point of reference, students will gain an introductory understanding of the difference between weather and climate and how these influence rain forests.

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 3-ESS2-2

South Coast_Page_01.png
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