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NGSS Lesson 

PE: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2      

Final Edition - Convert the IOWA 042120_
Earth's Systems (Conversion File).png

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 5-ESS2-1

This lesson introduces the concept of Earth as a system and how it’s four spheres interact with one another in order to allow earth processes to occur.

Grade 5_ Transfer of Energy.jpg

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 5-PS3-1

Life Science: The transfer of energy through the food chain and food web.

Alex Trinidad - Lesson 01 - 5th Grade -

NGSS Lesson  |  PE: 5-PS1-3

Students will understand what density is and that it affects whether an object sinks or floats. Students will also be able to explain that density is a characteristic property of a substance.

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