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Hello! I am the Manager at Clear Creek Outdoor Education Center. The first time I came to Clear Creek was when I was in elementary school. I never thought Clear Creek would become such a huge part of my life. After graduating from college, I ran a program called Student-to-Student with high school students at an LAUSD camp in the mountains. 


Although we taught natural science, the main objective of Student-to-Student was human relations with a focus on helping students develop effective communication and positive interaction skills. I started working at Clear Creek in 1991 and have enjoyed helping students expand their horizons by exploring science concepts (Next Generation Science Standards) in a natural environment.


Looking forward to seeing you at Clear Creek/Camp Skyhook!


Hello there! I am the Assistant Manager at Clear Creek OEC during the school year – my camp name is Titan. During the summer, our program moves to Point Fermin OEC where I am known as Riptide. I started working for the LAUSD Office Outdoor Education way back in 1985. I was a Naturalist and then a Program Coordinator before becoming Assistant Manager.


I have worked here for so long because this is a GREAT job to have – I get to help kids have an amazing science camp experience AND I get to work outdoors…it doesn’t get much better than that! I also enjoy spending time with my family, reading and traveling. I have a Master of Science degree in Public Administration.


I look forward to your visit!

Assistant Manager

Hello, let me introduce myself. If you will be attending Clear Creek Outdoor School, my camp name is Storm. If you will be attending Point Fermin Outdoor School, my name is Shrimp.


I have been working for LAUSD since the summer of 1986. I began at Point Fermin as a counselor, and in the summer of 1992 I became a Naturalist at Clear Creek. I have an A.A. in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Earth Science and I have a B.S. in Earth Science.


I'm looking forward to seeing you.


Hi - my camp name is Pelican at both Clear Creek and Point Fermin Outdoor Education Centers. I am a Southern California native.


I really like working with kids, especially when teaching natural science while hiking through the forest. In my free time I enjoy surfing, woodworking, camping, and traveling.

Looking forward to your visit!

Willow / Pirate

Hi Friends! I'm Willow, but if you're visiting Point Fermin, you may know me as Pirate. I am the newest to join the LAUSD team of Naturalist, though I've been in outdoor education for over a decade now.  I got my start as a 19-year-old intern with the City of Compton designing sustainable art for the Compton Creek and volunteering at the International Bird Rescue Center in San Pedro, CA.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts from CSU San Bernardino and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Environments and Planning from Bond University in Queensland, Australia. I'm a Certified Interpretive Guide, CPR Instructor, UCB California Naturalist, and Program Facilitator. My education and training have provided me privildge enough to work everywhere from zipline to zoo, educating the people of the world about the ground beneath their feet.

I am thrilled to join the Skyhook Team, continuing to introduce young minds to the beauty of what surrounds them.


Hello, they call me “Quail" up here at Clear Creek, but I also go by “Skipper” at Pt. Fermin. I have always loved nature and have had the privilege of working with Beyond the Bell’s Outdoor Education department for almost two years now. Before this, I worked aboard a Tall Ship and a Research Vessel in Orange County as well as an outdoor education center in the Cleveland National Forest, outside of San Juan Capistrano, California.


I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you wherever you decide to attend.

IMG_0679 (1).jpg

Gerardo is the Administrator for the Office of Outdoor and Environmental Education for the Los Angeles Unified School District. His office offers programs at two residential outdoor science schools, Camp Skyhook at Clear Creek and Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center, as well as seven single day field-study sites.


The mission of all of these programs is to provide an emotional connection to learning and the outdoors. Under his leadership, student participation in environmental literacy, science and engineering programs has increased from 8,800 to 37,600 over the last 5 years. This growth resulted from strategic partnerships and collaborations with community-based organizations. The current challenge posed by the COVID 19 pandemic has been met through the creation of the Skyhook Eco Van Program and the Outdoor L.A. television series now airing on the local PBS station.


Gerardo brings a depth of experience to his work. He has served as a Team Lead in the California Environment Literacy Task Force. Currently, he is a member of the leadership team for the California Strong Earth System Science Collaborative, part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). He is also the current Chair of the California Outdoor Schools Association (COSA) and serves on several advisory councils for federal and city initiatives related to education and the environment.


Academic qualifications include an undergraduate degree from UCLA, extended studies with the Council of Europe Law Center in Strasbourg, France and Master’s Degrees from CSU Dominguez Hills and UC Irvine.

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