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National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative

We are excited to work with Green Schoolyards America in hopes to provide outdoor learning solutions for schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative’s free library of ideas and resources is designed to support you in using the outdoors for learning during the pandemic and beyond. The National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative was co-founded by Green Schoolyards America; the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley; San Mateo County Office of Education; and Ten Strands.


The extensive National Outdoor Learning Library was written by hundreds of subject matter experts from around the country, from many different fields, who volunteered thousands of hours over the last seven months of 2020, to create guidance for education stakeholders as they consider options for safely returning students to in-person schooling.

Sign up for more information about how to take learning outside during (and beyond) COVID!

After you sign up, we recommend that you begin by exploring the resources in the National Outdoor Learning Library

The chapter of the library called Creating Outdoor Spaces provides detailed site design and planning frameworks, visualization and cost estimating tools, and strategies for setting up outdoor classrooms and other types of spaces.

The Education Outdoors chapter has detailed information about establishing and managing successful outdoor learning programs and includes strategies for staffing, scheduling, teaching, learning, and other related topics.

Would you like to see what outdoor learning looks like, in action? Visit the Inspiring Case Studies chapter for some great examples from across the country.

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