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Point Fermin Outdoor Education Center is located atop the hills of San Pedro Peninsula with beautiful views of Catalina Island to the West and the Port of Los Angeles to the South. Two innovative programs encourage students to push their scientific and creative imagination to the limit.

The Science at Sea: Tall Ships Program offers a real-world challenge to understand the effects of Ocean Acidification on our coastal ecosystem. The program is offered aboard the twin brigantines, the Irving Johnson and Exy Johnson, two 110-foot classically rigged tall ships. Oxygen sensors, high power microscopes, plankton collection, nets and other equipment on the water make for authentic field study experiences.

The Coastal Ecosystems Program offers students the opportunity to practice scientific and engineering protocols while observing and collecting evidence of Global Warming in our local tide pools. The use of tools to collect data on dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, turbidity and indicator species inventories provides a well-rounded experience for student-led teams.

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